Thea is the name Emilie Duchêne gave her little baby girl who was born in the same period as this creative project: she wanted her birth to be associated with a moment of creation. That's how Thea by Emilie Duchêne was born in November 2011.
The jewelry in fine gold can be personalized.

Every piece is unique and made to measure. Isn't that the ultimate form of luxury?

The collection consists of rings, bracelets, phalanx rings, necklaces and even cufflinks. You order your unique piece of jewelry online. Four weeks later, it is being delivered to your door in a luxurious box. Emilie Duchêne has your name, a word, your initials, important dates... engraved in 18 karat gold. A golden heart or star - maybe even paved with diamonds - can also be added.
Whether you get it as a gift from the one you love or whether you get yourself a little something as a good luck charm, whether you want to give your loved ones a special message or whether you give it as a gift to remember a birth, an anniversary, a Holy Communion or a Bar Mitzvah, Thea jewelry comes with a message. It symbolizes a very special event. It is personalized, unique, made-to-measure and that is why it immediately becomes part of you when you discover the piece of jewelry inside its box. It immediately becomes a skin jewel.

It's your jewelry, your message, it belongs to you and resembles you